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 How To Buy A Home With A Reverse Mortgage
        with the HECM for purchase loan option


     We are going to show you how to buy a home with a Reverse 
using the HECM for purchase loan option.
 You will be able to watch a free video below and
download a slideshow to further explain the reverse mortgage purchase
loan to buy your next home.
     Television commercials focus on one specific use on
,  which is using it as an income supplement.  However,
the HECM Reverse Mortgage, can be used in several different ways 
for various situations.  Several years ago, the home next door to
me went up for sale and it was a perfect fit for my senior aged parents.  
However my parents would be short roughly $150,000 from the sale
of their home to payoff the new home next door to me.
     They didn't have the difference in cash, and due to a lack of
income, they couldn't qualify for a traditional home loan.  I got to
thinking that there had to be a program for senior citizens who have
a 50% down payment to buy a home and I found that they could use
 HECM Reverse Mortgage  to buy a home. 
It may turn out to be the best senior citizen home loan option out
there for those who want options other than just paying all cash for
their next home.

     Benefits on using a Reverse Mortgage to buy a home:

     1. Not having to pay all cash to buy the home.
     2. Typically a 50% down payment is required, and no payments
         on the balance owed (each reverse mortgage loan scenario is 
         uniquely different, borrowers ages, prevailing interest rates, 
         and ability to repay debts are taken into account to qualify)
     3. Getting to keep more money in their pocket from their prior
         home sale since an all cash purchase isn't required.
     4. Getting to move closer to their children and grandchildren
         or a warmer climate.
     5. Reverse mortgage loans don't require a monthly mortgage
         payment giving the senior more financial freedom.

Click the picture below to watch a free video that explains how
      to use the HECM Reverse Mortgage to buy a home


     Click here or the picture for a slideshow you can share with your
      Realtor or friends.




HECM Reverse Mortgage Purchase Loan

In order to purchase a new home using a HECM for purchase option, we need to know a few things to determine the maximum loan amount in which you are eligible. Each borrower scenario is unique to the next, please let us know your situation below, and in the meantime feel free to go back to the Reverse Mortgage for Purchase or other buttons on our site and read the FAQ's, watch the videos, and share the slideshow with your friends and Realtor and again, thank you!

HECM Reverse Mortgage For Purchase Loan