How To Qualify For A Reverse Mortgage:

    As of 2015 qualifying for a reverse mortgage
has become similar to that of a regular conventional or "regular: FHA loan, but there are a few differences.

Income documentation is now needed.
 Documentation of being able to pay property taxes and homeowners insurance premiums is now paramount. The lender income qualification figures are not quite the same as a normal forward mortgage loan figures. 
    Credit scores are important but do not carry the same weight as a forward mortgage.
    Collection accounts must now be explained and dealt with. Depending on the ability and willingness to repay these accounts if there's an existing balance owed on a collection account, the non-payment of this debt may determine if the lender will have to set aside a portion of equity (on a refinance HECM) to assist paying your property taxes and homeowners insurance. When using a Reverse Mortgage to buy a home
, a higher down payment may be needed than the norm. There may be exceptions to this rule.

Click here to see the dollar amount you may qualify for on a HECM Reverse Mortgage refinance.

Equity in the property is key.  On a refinance (a home you currently live in) equity, the borrowers age, and current interest rates are among the factors that determine how much in Reverse Mortgage refinance
 funds are available, each scenario is unique in it's own way.
The same holds true when you use the
Reverse Mortgage to purchase a home.  Down payment, the borrowers ages and prevailing interest rates are among the factors that determine the dollar amount. 
Click here for information on how to buy a home using a Reverse Mortgage

   The property must be your owner occupied property.  
Per HUD guidelines, no investment properties allowed however, you may purchase a 1-4 unit building as long as you live in one of the units (lender must approve the circumstances).

    Borrower on loan must be at least age 62, spouses younger than 62 also can not go on title or the loan, and may reside in the property. This is a new law for new loans going forward. If there is a spouse younger than 62, than available funds will be reduced, and they may reside in the property as their principal residence for as long as they like, however they will have no access to Reverse Mortgage funds.

Liquid assets are not required but can help the application
.  If there are liquid assets in the household, there may or may not be documentation required to prove their existence. It depends on how much residual income is left over after monthly living expenses have been paid.  This is determined by the lender.

Other properties:
If there are rental properties, the borrower will have to prove they have the monthly income with documentation that they have ample funds to cover all expenses for all properties.  Ample income will be deemed by the lender.

    All in all, the reverse mortgage loan process has recently created protections for seniors looking to obtain a reverse mortgage, and even though there is more documentation required than before it's in the best interest for all involved.

Not all reverse mortgage lenders are the same!  If you tried to qualify for a reverse mortgage prior to 2018 and were denied, it is worth looking into it again, because a new jumbo reverse mortgage is now on the market and has more flexible guidelines that were previously not available. Call me, fill out a questionnaire at the bottom of the page or email me for details.

    Also know that there is independent third party loan counseling by a government approved non-lender affiliated person.  This counseling is done before the loan process and heirs are encouraged to be on the phone call to ask questions.  
    The Reverse Mortgage Loan Originator is not allowed to be on the phone call, this allows for a no sales pressure type of environment.  The loan process can not move forward without this counseling and issued certificate showing the counseling has been done, and must be paid for by the borrower, usually $125.00-$175.00 or so via credit card.

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