1/2 Percent Loan Down Payment Loan For Los Angeles and Ventura County

   There is a little known loan called the Access loan that offers a 1/2 % down payment and it has flexible qualifying guidelines for buyers seeking a California home loan who have limited funds for the down payment and closing costs and it's perfect for the Ventura county low down payment home loan buyer and the Los Angeles County low down payment home loan buyer.

    The loan is structured with a 96.5% of the purchase price on a modified FHA loan and a 3% of the purchase price second mortgage goes behind the first mortgage meaning you only have to come up with a down payment of .50%!  Want more information on this loan?  Watch the below quick video.


Not Just For First Time Home Buyers Either

    The 1/2 % down payment loan is only offered by one lender in the entire state of California and as mentioned, you don't have to be a California first time home buyer to qualify for this loan. It does have income and purchase price limitations that differ per county.  The maximum property limits and underwriting are more gererous than other low dowpayment option loans out there.

  So if you're looking for a low downpayment California home loan check this loan out and or call me at 800-506-0632 ext. 1 or if I'm on line click the "chat" button on my home page or click the "text me" box in the upper right of my home page, and please.  I'm here to help!

  If you have any questions in regards to the 1/2% downpayment mortgage program please click here and let me know! Best, KW