Prequalification Assistant

You Do Have Home Loan Options To Choose From! There are a variety of California home loans to choose from when looking to finance your home purchase. There are conventional loans, FHA and VA loans, half percent down payment loans, 203k loans where you get a loan to buy and home and receive funds to remodel it...all in one loan, interest only loans and more. What about a 30 year fixed rate or an adjustable rate? What's the difference and which is best for you? Our free Preapproval Assistant can help you make that choice. Just fill in the boxes below and based on your individual needs we can give you a recommendation on what loan option is best for you. The more information you provide the better we can help you! No social security number is needed, we won't pull your credit report, and we don't share your information with anyone, and there's no obligation or cost to you . So take a few minutes and we'll send you your options right to your desktop! Best, Kevin Walton

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